Every Church Welcome Needs these Five Elements

Hi, welcome to the blog. My, that’s some weather we’ve been having, isn’t it? This is unfortunately how many churches welcome people to church. It doesn’t connect with people. It doesn’t communicate value, and it’s not even that welcoming. We Continue Reading

Seven Ways You Can Better Connect with Young Adults

You don’t have to visit too many small town churches to figure out they’re not doing a great job of reaching younger people. Oh sure, if you asked them, they would say they have a desire to see their kids Continue Reading

The Open Door Church Story

My wife Genny and I arrived at The Open Door Church on the last Sunday of January 2009. The church was a relatively new church plant at the time. The first public service was held June 17, 2007 so it Continue Reading

4 Big Asks You Should be Making Every Week

I’m convinced that more people would get involved in our churches if we just asked them. I went to one church for three years and not once did they ever ask me to serve. I got saved at that church, Continue Reading

Six Types of Church Givers You Should Know

If you pastor a small town church, you know that every giver matters, because every dollar matters. You and I don’t have the luxury of having millions of dollars in the bank. The median household income for a family in Continue Reading

The Five Characteristics of a Great Volunteer

Being able to find a handful of great volunteers is often the difference between a small town church that grows and one that declines. Great volunteers are just as valuable as great staff members. In fact, they may be even Continue Reading