Five Ways to Utilize Your Sermon Beyond Sunday

In my last post I told you your sermon was overrated, and to my surprise, many of you actually agreed. It just doesn’t make sense to spend 15-20+ hours a week on a 45 minute sermon that most of your Continue Reading

Your Preaching is Overrated

There I said it. You may not agree, but you needed to hear it. Now, before you unsubscribe or send me a scathing email about the power of the spoken word of God, hear me out. I’m not saying that Continue Reading

The Biggest Barrier to Reaching Young Families Right Now

Empathy – The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Several years ago my wife became a stay at home mom. It was something she had always wanted to do, and we had finally figured out the finances Continue Reading

4 Big Days You Should Plan this Fall

In the first four weeks of August, my church has welcomed 40 first time guests to the church. That’s an incredible number, even if we weren’t dealing with a pandemic. We only had 27 FTG’s in the month of February, Continue Reading

The One Reason I Went to the Gym this Week

This week I went to our local gym…(pause for dramatic effect) Some of you know why that’s a big deal, for those who don’t let me catch you up to speed. I haven’t stepped inside a gym with weights, treadmills, Continue Reading

Three Reasons Our Student Ministry is Suddenly Growing

Something incredible is happening in our student ministry right now. Students are showing up, even during a pandemic. Lots of them, at least for us. Last week we had 48 students show up for service, which is a 60% increase Continue Reading
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