Let Us Not Grow Weary

We are in an interesting season at my church. About a year ago, we really began to notice that our weekend attendance wasn’t what it once was. To make matters worse, our giving was in decline as well. These two Continue Reading

Three Thoughts About Your Next Hire

If you’ve been involved in ministry for very long, you know that people come and go. And not just church members, I’m talking about pastors and staff as well. In the church I serve, we’ve had five youth pastors in Continue Reading

The Consequences of Trying to Please Everyone

Hey, you want to know how to make some people really mad in your church? Move the handicap parking, and neglect to tell those affected by the move beforehand. I mean everyone knows how much people love surprises. They love Continue Reading

9 Ways to Make a Terrible First Impression

It takes work to make a great first impression, and that’s good news. You know why? Because that means it’s something you can control. I guess the bad news is if you’re not happy with the first impression your church Continue Reading

5 Signs Your Church is in Decline

Have you ever known someone who has died unexpectedly? Our community has had several of those stories this year. It’s scary to think one day everything is fine, and the next day you or someone you love is suddenly gone. Continue Reading

Killin It: How to Stop an Ineffective Ministry

One of the most common mistakes churches make today is trying to do too much. And who can blame them? Churches want to reach people, and churches are willing to try anything to do that. Even if that anything means Continue Reading
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