How’s Your Motor?

Remember how you used to get to school?

Depending on your age and your ability to stretch the truth, there’s a good chance you had to walk barefoot, in the snow, and up a hill both ways to get to and from school when you were a child.

Perhaps, if you were lucky, you had a bicycle you could ride, and then when you got older, you could hitch a ride with a friend.

Eventually, you were able to get your own car, and maybe it even had cruise control.

Now, it’s crazy to think, but our children and grandchildren may be getting to school in self-driving cars.

Through the years, getting to where you want to go has gotten significantly easier.

And that’s not just true in transportation; it’s also true in information.

Back in the day, if you wanted to learn something, you went to the library, or if you were a wealthy family, you had a set of encyclopedias.

Now, books will read themselves to you while you’re going down the road in your self-driving car.

Technology is amazing, but there are some side effects.

One of the biggest side effects I see is that as life has gotten easier and more convenient, our ability to push ourselves through hard things has diminished.

Why read a book, when you can be read to?

The Internet is the greatest learning tool that’s ever existed, and yet most of our time online is spent arguing on social media, checking sports scores, or watching funny cat videos.

If we’re not careful, we’ll find ourselves coasting through life with no direction or destination in mind.

Most of the time, we’re not even the one’s driving.

So, pastor let me ask you, how’s your motor?

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