The One Thing You Can Do to Make a Greater Impact this Year

We are two weeks into a brand new year. Blink and January will be gone. Before we know it, Easter will be upon us, then the summer comes and the people leave, and hopefully in the autumn they come back Continue Reading

My New Year’s Resolution for 2020

It’s inevitable. There’s one, or two, or twelve in every crowd. Every time I write a post that includes tips on how to grow a healthy church, I’ll get one of these comments. “That’s very western focused and doesn’t help Continue Reading

Top Ten Posts of 2019

3 Ways to Respond to People Attending Church Less Often - When "Christians" no longer feel guilty about missing church, what do you do? 5 Reasons People Aren't Inviting Their Friends to Your Church - It may not be because Continue Reading

What’s Next?

As we edge closer and closer to the end of another year, I can't help but look forward to what's coming next. A new year means new opportunities, new plans, and new strategies. A new year brings a fresh start, Continue Reading

7 Qualities Pastors Need to Grow a Small Town Church

Now I know not every pastor is interested in growing the church they serve. It’s not that they don’t want to see the church grow; it’s just not a main priority or focus for them. They’re content with leading a Continue Reading

Five Ways to Develop Margin in Your Life

If you look up the definition of margin, you’ll get a few different answers. The edge or border of something. The amount by which a thing is won or falls shorts. To deposit an amount of money with a broker Continue Reading
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