Easter Planning Series – Easter Week

And just like that, Easter week is here. I hope you’ve been preparing over the past few weeks, so that you won’t have to be scrambling to get everything done this week. Hopefully you’ve had your congregation preparing as well. Continue Reading

Easter Planning Series – After Easter Plans

I hope you’re getting excited as we get closer and closer to Easter.  There’s been times when the closer we got to Easter, the more stressed I became. I hope that isn’t the case for you. Celebrating the resurrection shouldn't Continue Reading

Easter Planning Series – Order of Service

Before we get started, can I just take a moment and say thank you. Not just for reading the blog, that’s great too, but for serving the Church. Many of you are pastors, and I can guarantee that you have Continue Reading

Easter Planning Series – Worship & Volunteers

Every church experiences a big increase in attendance on Easter Sunday, but the majority of those churches see their Sunday attendance drop back down to normal the Sunday after. What if we could change that? What if you could add Continue Reading

Easter Planning Series – Marketing & Services

We are less than five weeks away from the most attended Sunday of the year for most churches. Easter Sunday. The one Sunday a year that even the people who don’t take this Christianity thing too seriously are likely to Continue Reading

Easter Planning Series – Prayer & Graphics

It’s hard to believe, but yet once again we’re only a few weeks away from Easter. Six weeks to be exact. And for many of us, this will be the first, hopefully back to as close as we can get Continue Reading
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