The One Reason I Went to the Gym this Week

This week I went to our local gym…(pause for dramatic effect) Some of you know why that’s a big deal, for those who don’t let me catch you up to speed. I haven’t stepped inside a gym with weights, treadmills, Continue Reading

Three Reasons Our Student Ministry is Suddenly Growing

Something incredible is happening in our student ministry right now. Students are showing up, even during a pandemic. Lots of them, at least for us. Last week we had 48 students show up for service, which is a 60% increase Continue Reading

The Greatest Danger with Reopening the Church

A few months ago I upgraded my phone. For years I had been using an iPhone 7 and was perfectly happy with it. Sure, I had storage issues and I had stopped doing the software updates years before, but I Continue Reading

What’s Most Important Right Now?

Can we just take a moment to catch our breath? Follow after me, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Do you feel better now? These last few months have been trying to say the least. If you’re still Continue Reading

A Solution for Pastors Who Feel Overwhelmed

Earlier this year I began a mastermind group with other small town pastors, and even though I’m teaching and facilitating the group, I feel like I’m learning just as much as they are. One of the biggest things I’ve learned Continue Reading

A COVID-19 Wake Up Call

Hey Strong Tower Church,  Our leadership team met this morning to discuss our best course of action for the next two weeks regarding in-person gatherings.  After much discussion and prayer, we have decided out of an abundance of caution to Continue Reading
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