The Pursuit of More

Let’s be honest, we live in a culture of more. We all want more, and churches aren’t immune to this. In our churches we want more salvations, more baptisms, more people, more volunteers, more money, and in order to get more, we believe we have to be more.

So, we set our sights on being more:

More innovative than Apple.

More creative than Disney.

More passionate than Steven Furtick.

More relevant than Andy Stanley.

More missional than the Apostle Paul.

We’re going to offer more programs.

We’re going to offer more family time.

We’re going to offer more hymns.

We’re going to offer more groups.

We’re going to send more mailers.

We’re going to have more greeters.

We’re going to read more.

We’re going to pray more.

We’re going to fast more.

Because we have this idea that if we could just offer a little bit more, then surely God will bless us.

Yet in our pursuit for more, so many of us end up burnt out, stressed out, divorced, broke down, and certainly not feeling blessed.

So, why not consolidate our pursuit of more into one thing? One thing that will make more impact than all the others put together.

This year let’s try to love more.

Everyone else will be trying hard to outthink the competition. Very few will make the decision to out love.

Our pursuit for more is really just a pursuit for love and acceptance.

When you start really loving people, you will find the more you’re looking for.

On a scale of 1-10, how loving is your church? Why did you give that rating? Let us know by leaving a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to get updates on church growth, leadership, and more delivered to your inbox each week.

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