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How I Prepare to Preach

I could never be a lead pastor. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of leading or rallying people around a vision. I love doing those things. It’s just that I couldn’t handle the stress and pressure of putting together a sermon week after week. Luckily for me, I’m only called on to preach Continue Reading

Who are You Listening to?

In my last post, we talked about those random conversations that happen before and after services, on phone calls throughout the week, or through Facebook messenger. We discovered to make the most of our time, there are some people we should listen to and some people we should ignore. In today’s post, we want to Continue Reading

Who are You Listening to?

In a given week, I have a handful of conversations outside of those with my spouse, family, and very close friends. I think that’s pretty normal for most people but not for senior pastors. If you’re a senior pastor, you know that number jumps exponentially. The problem is, you only have so much time. So Continue Reading