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Connecting in the Digital Age

The world we live in is more connected than ever before. Don’t believe me? Check out these stats. Seventy five percent of the world’s population now has access to a mobile phone and the ability to send a text. There are 3.3 billion people online today, and eighty-five percent of them are using email. Out Continue Reading

Send a Postcard

This post is a part of the “One Thing” series. Often we feel like we have to take drastic steps in our life or church to see significant change, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes the small things create the biggest impact. In this series, we’ll focus on “One Thing” you can do that Continue Reading

The Power of Invitation

My first invitation to serve in a church came when I was 24 years old. The invitation had taken four years and two churches, but it finally came, just not in the way I was expecting. I was attending an old school Baptist church, and they needed someone to fill in and teach the senior Continue Reading