Ten Traits of Great Team Members

Over the past five years, I’ve been able to work with an incredible church staff, the majority of whom I’ve hired. I wish I could say I have a knack for picking quality talent, but truth be told, it’s probably more luck than skill.


I have learned some things along the way though, specifically the traits I’d look for when making my next hire. I’ve narrowed them down to my top ten.

  1. Passion – I want them to be passionate about God, their family, and their church. If passion doesn’t exist in any one of those areas of their life, I don’t need them on my team.
  1. Positive Attitude – There’s enough negative people in the world, why would I want to add one to my team? Things aren’t always going to be rainbows and unicorns, so I need someone who can see the positive in people and situations.
  1. People Skills – The church isn’t a building. It’s a group of people. Your success level will largely depend on how well you can draw people to you and develop them for service.
  1. Character – Probably the most important trait on this list. I need people who not only can talk the talk, but they can walk the walk. Those who lack integrity need not apply.
  1. Leadership Ability – If you’re going to be on my team, I need you to have influence. Can you develop a following? Have you led a group? Are you leading a ministry?
  1. High Energy – I’m not looking for the type of person who rolls in on a Sunday morning wiping sleep out of their eyes. I’m looking for the person who is there thirty minutes early and looks like they just chugged a pot of coffee.
  1. Self-discipline – Do you have your priorities straight? Are you reading your Bible? Are you willing to pay the price to continue to grow yourself?
  1. Teachable – Nothing is more frustrating than someone with an incredible amount of talent who refuses to be teachable. Are you willing to learn from others, or do you think you have all the answers?
  1. Vision – I’m looking for someone who can dream up possibilities then put a plan in place to make those dreams reality.
  1. Fun – In my organization we work hard, but we have fun while we’re doing it. A sense of humor is needed because sometimes in ministry you have to laugh to keep from crying.

That’s it– that’s my top ten list for Great Team Members. I’d love to know what you would add or take away from the list. Let us know in the comments below, and if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the blog to get tips on church growth, leadership, and more delivered straight to your inbox.

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