Should Church be Fun?

That’s the question we’re trying to answer today, and I’m honestly not sure. I certainly don’t think it should be boring, which is what a lot of churches are. But should it be fun? And is it wrong for church to be fun? I feel like sometimes churches are judged for being fun, like it’s a sin to have fun in church. But perhaps they’re just mad because their church isn’t fun. Maybe it would help if we look at some advantages of being fun.

  1. People want to be a part of something fun. If you ask people if they’d rather go to the dentist or to the movies, 99% of them are going to pick the movies. Why? Because it’s more fun. You go to the dentist out of necessity. You go to the movies because you enjoy it. Do people enjoy your church, or are they going out of necessity?
  2. Fun can change someone’s day. People often walk into our churches weighed down by burdens, guilt, and heartbreak. Often they need someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry on, but sometimes I think the best medicine for them is to experience something fun. Do people walk out of your church with a better attitude than when they walked in?
  3. Fun is easy to measure. The measure of fun is found on the faces of those in your service each week. How many smiles do you see each week? How often are you hearing laughter? Not every sermon you preach is going to be fun, but every sermon that points towards Jesus leads us to joy.
  1. Fun is contagious. There are certain people who are just fun to be around. Then, there are certain people that you try to avoid each week. Fun attracts others. That’s why the best leaders are often the people who know how to have the most fun.

By just looking at the list above, I can see there are definite advantages for a church that chooses to be fun. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’m glad I’m a part of a church that’s fun.

You may disagree, and if so I’d love to know why. Would you leave me a comment below? If you’re interested in growing the church you serve, please subscribe to the blog so I can send you tips each week on church growth, leadership, and more.

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6 thoughts on “Should Church be Fun?

  1. David

    I would like to see you and were the question stated in the title. All you did was give pros (which are definitely pros!) For a church being fun. But you never actually answered the question as to whether or not churches SHOULD be fun. Biblically speaking, in such a way that would claim it to be a more biblical method than a church that is not fun.

  2. David

    I sort of agree with the article, but my biggest issue is that you never answer your own question. You give some pros. But you never answer the question “should church be fun?” so there is really nothing to disagree with.

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