The Power and Purpose of Friendships

The friendships within your church are incredibly important. They in large part keep people connected to the church. The better connected people are, the more often they show up, the more likely they serve, the more likely they give, and Continue Reading

The Best Investment a Pastor can Make this Year

The past two years have been hard to say the least.  I’ve probably started off almost every blog post with a similar statement to the one above, which is probably terrible writing, but it’s true. It’s been so difficult, that Continue Reading

The Delegation Dilemma

Everything I've ever read about leadership talks about the importance of delegation. "If someone else can do something 80% as good as I can, I give it to them." - John Maxwell "When you delegate tasks, you create followers. When Continue Reading

The Secret to Post-Pandemic Success

Everyone has their own definition of what success in ministry is, but I believe by almost any definition 2021 has been a huge success for the church I get to serve. Our weekend attendance is pushing 2019 numbers and beyond. Continue Reading

The Delicate Balance Between A Better Ministry or A Better Life

A very long time ago I came to the conclusion that God blesses those who work the hardest. I remember telling my pastor this somewhere between 2011-2013.  During those three years our church grew in attendance by 27%, 42%, and Continue Reading

Connection: The Key to Church Growth

I’ve been thinking a lot about connections lately. I haven’t really made up my mind completely, but I know they’re important. Maybe more important than I ever took the time to fully realize.  Possibly more important than just about anything Continue Reading
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