Kissing 2020 Goodbye

Where do I even begin?

2020 started out with so much promise. 

We were going to be so good together.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Yet, here we are.

It reminds me of a puppy I once picked up from a Facebook post.

It was before I had kids, and it wasn’t exactly a puppy. It was a 9 month old boxer mix.

I should have known something was up by the eagerness of the owner to give me the dog. They also pitched in a dog house and ¾ of a bag of dog food for no charge.

I was young and naive and excited to get such a fun loving dog. 

We named her Daisy.

To say she was hyper would be an understatement. You couldn’t go outside without her knocking you down trying to jump on you.

She had energy for days, and was attention starved. Not a good combination. 

She ate the seat off of my lawn mower. 

So, my dad brought me his push mower.

And she ate the pull cord off the push mower.

She was as happy as could be on the outside, but apparently was possessed by a demon inside.

One rainy day she dug under our fence, and I had to chase her around getting covered in mud in the process.

But the final straw happened one evening when she had either dug out again, or destroyed another mower, or knocked my wife down while she was coming home from work, so I went outside to discipline her and in the process she jumped up and caught me in the eye with her claws and scraped my cornea.

That is what 2020 has been like. 

And I’ll miss 2020 just like I missed Daisy the night I dropped her at the end of a dead end road and drove away as fast as possible with blurry vision because of the corneal abrasion she gave me.

Goodbye 2020, I hope you never find your way back to my house again.

P.S. 2021 is going to be awesome. I really believe that. It’ll be more awesome if you join the Small Town Revival Membership Group. You can get your first month free by using this link. See you again in the new year.

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