My Epitaph


I came across my epitaph recently. You know, those words that are inscribed on a tombstone. I wrote mine down a few years ago while reading Craig Groeschel’s book Chazown.

Sometimes the best way to prepare for our future is to pretend we’re already there. At the end of your life, what do you want to be known for? How do you want to be remembered?

Most of us have years of living ahead of us. Most of us die slowly. We will likely have days, weeks, maybe even years to look back upon our lives. Will you lie there with no regrets?

It’s not really fun to think about our death. So, few people do. But what if the decisions we’re making today are actually making the bed we lie in while we wait to die? Would you begin to look at your life differently?

Would you take more chances? Would you pursue your true passion? Would you spend your time differently? How would your life change if you began with the end in mind?

What would you want your epitaph to say?

Craig Groeschel gives a helpful exercise in Chazown. He asks you to finish the following statements. I’d love to read your epitaph in the comments section below.

The things that are most important to me was…

People say I stood for…

I made a difference in my world by…

God was glorified because I…

People knew I loved them because…

The reason I expect God to say “well done” is…

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