I’m Saved, Now What?

Do you recall the moment you surrendered your life to Christ? Maybe you can’t remember the exact moment, but I’m sure you can recall the feeling of immense relief knowing Christ had forgave you of all your sins. Then shortly thereafter, maybe you had the same thought I did, what do I do now?

It’s a question many people ask, especially those who are just starting on their faith journey.

But it’s not always limited to new Christians. You will find many people who have been coming to church for years who are still wondering, where do I start?

I would suggest this simple framework for anyone asking the question, now what?

  1. Study It.

I mean the Bible, of course. Early followers of Jesus were just that, followers who literally followed Him around, experienced His teaching, and tried to apply it to their lives. We, unfortunately, don’t have a “physical” Jesus to follow around, so God gave us the next best thing, a narrative of His life and teachings. We would be wise to study it on a daily basis.

  1. Pray It.

I haven’t always been the best at this discipline. I used to always fall asleep in the middle of my nightly prayers. Now, I pray out loud with my girls each night, harder to fall asleep that way, and I pray each morning on my drive in to work. We may not have a “physical” Jesus we can speak to, but I take great comfort in knowing that Jesus hears my prayers.

  1. Live It.

I believe it was James who said, “Faith without works is dead.” You should be living out your faith. What Would Jesus Do? wasn’t just a clever Christian catchphrase, it’s really something we should be asking ourselves. If you’re not finding ways to love and serve your neighbor, you’re not following the example Jesus set for us. Volunteering at your church would be a great place to get started.

  1. Share It

Faith is like a hug, it’s better shared with someone else. Oh sure, you can hug yourself, but it’s a bit awkward. Start by finding a friend or family member to share your story with. Then look for ways you can share what God has done in your life with others.

This is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list, but it is a great place to start.

Does your church offer a class for new believers? What does it look like? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and if you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to the blog for tips on church growth, leadership, and more delivered to your inbox each week.

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