I Couldn’t Do It


I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t watch my child be tortured. Yet, that’s exactly what a Christian leader in Syria had to do when he wouldn’t renounce Christ and turn back to Islam.

“The relatives said ISIS militants on Aug. 7 captured the Christian workers in a village whose name is withheld for security reasons. On Aug. 28, the militants asked if they had renounced Islam for Christianity. When the Christians said that they had, the rebels asked if they wanted to return to Islam. The Christians said they would never renounce Christ.

“The 41-year-old team leader, his young son and two ministry members in their 20s were questioned at one village site where ISIS militants had summoned a crowd. The team leader presided over nine house churches he had helped to establish. His son was two months away from his 13th birthday.

“In front of the team leader and relatives in the crowd, the Islamic extremists cut off the fingertips of the boy and severely beat him, telling his father they would stop the torture only if he, the father, returned to Islam. When the team leader refused, relatives said, the ISIS militants also tortured and beat him and the two other ministry workers. The three men and the boy then met their deaths in crucifixion.

“ ‘All were badly brutalized and then crucified,’ the ministry leader said. ‘They were left on their crosses for two days. No one was allowed to remove them.’ ” Christian Aid

It’s one thing to stand in front of a crazed shooter who’s asking if you’re a Christian that holds your life in his hands, I think I could do that, but it’s another thing when your kids are involved.

I don’t think I could do it.

I think I would renounce Christ. I wouldn’t mean it. I would have my fingers crossed. I would be praying for forgiveness the entire time, but in that moment, when my child’s life depended on it, I believe I would give in.

I don’t know if Jesus would be disappointed in me. I don’t know if Jesus would forgive me. I don’t know what kind of an example that would set for others. I’m just trying to be honest with myself.

I hope I’m never put in that situation.

No one should ever be put in that situation.

The fact that this goes on in our world and no one is doing anything about it, absolutely baffles me. I believe those in power who have the ability to do something about this, and don’t, should be held accountable for their actions.

I just hope if I’m ever put in that situation, I’m not held accountable for mine.

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