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Every Monday I post one of The Basics. The Basics are simple steps every church can take to grow. They are the same steps that led my church from 87 people in attendance to over 700. These steps have helped my church see hundreds of people saved and baptized in just a few short years. Most of these steps you can take this week without even having a board meeting. These are The Basics.


Whenever my wife and I have guests over to our house, there’s a mad dash to clean up. I take out the trash, my wife vacuums and dusts, and we have the kids pick up all their toys. Why? Because we want to show our guests value.

It should be no different at your church. Each week guests walk through the doors of your church, and whether we want to believe it or not, the cleanliness of your church plays a huge part in determining whether they return.

So, what have you done to prepare for their arrival?

Here are 15 areas I suggest looking at as you prepare for guests each week at your church.

  1. Make sure the parking lot is clear of debris and clutter. Sweep leaves, rocks, dirt, etc.
  2. During the winter, make sure snow and ice are cleared from walking paths and sidewalks. Apply salt and sand as necessary to keep these areas from being hazardous to vehicles and pedestrians.
  3. Keep landscape up to date. Make sure grass is mowed, weeds are pulled, and dead flowers or shrubs are removed on a regular basis.
  4. Discard of any dead animals on property. This summer we had a bird try to fly through a window, which led to its death. This stuff happens.
  5. If your church is in a more secluded wooded area, make sure these wooded areas are trimmed so they don’t appear “overgrown”.
  6. If you have any water features such as fountains or ponds on your property, make sure they’re operating properly and not filled with stagnant water.
  7. Change light bulbs when they go out, not when you get around to it.
  8. Carpets should be vacuumed every week.
  9. Tile & vinyl floors should be swept and mopped.
  10. Every bathroom should be cleaned and neat. Make sure plenty of toilet paper is available, plungers and mops as well, in case of emergencies.
  11. Clean up any dead bugs or animals inside the building. Mouse and bug traps should never be visible to a guest.
  12. Clean all windows, handrails, and mirrors.
  13. Have children’s rooms clean and neat. Each toy should be disinfected. Carpets should be clean and have a pleasant odor.
  14. Clean any stains on chairs, pews, and carpets.
  15. All trash should be disposed of prior to guests arriving for services.

What areas have I forgotten? What would you add to this list?

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