Generosity: It’s About More than Money

When I think about being generous, my mind often goes to money, but what I’ve learned is that generosity is about so much more than finances. Generosity is a mindset that should influence every aspect of our lives. I met Continue Reading

Did You Do Your Best?

Last year I read a story about former President Jimmy Carter. Before Mr. Carter was ever President, he attended Georgia Tech University and then went on to attend the Naval Academy. His dream was to get into the nuclear submarine Continue Reading

Six Keys to a Better Marriage

The most important relationship we have outside of our relationship with God, is our relationship with our spouse. But if we’re not careful the stress of ministry can put a strain on the marriage. I am by no means a Continue Reading

How to Measure Small Group Success

I’m probably not the best person to be speaking about small groups. The church in which I serve as the Small Group Director has never seen more than about thirty percent of our congregation in groups at any one time. Continue Reading

The Difficulty of Showing Up

How difficult is it to show up? Some of us have a hard time showing up on time. Others don’t show up at all, and still others show up but are never really there. There was a time when the disciples Continue Reading

Four Web Tweaks Every Church Should Make

Your website can be a great asset, or a horrible liability. It can draw people near and be a resource to them, or it can cause them to walk away and never consider your church again. With such high stakes, Continue Reading
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