Eight Overlooked Areas of the Guest Experience

Pastors, if you want to see your church grow, start retaining more first-time guests. Keep in mind first-time guests have little to no commitment to your church. They’ve shown up to appease someone who’s invited them because of a particular series Continue Reading

There is No Easy Button in Ministry

A few years ago the office supply company Staples released their “Easy Button” ad campaign. If you’re not familiar with the campaign, the whole premise is based on the assumption that there’s a big red button that you press that Continue Reading

Constant Faith

I recently had the privilege of speaking on Daniel & The Lion’s Den. I’m really intrigued by Daniel. Most of the stories in the Old Testament are stories of redemption. Moses killed some people; then he led the children of Continue Reading

Some Churches Don’t Want Growth

I had a pastor walk into my office this week that was broken. In three hours he would resign from the church he had poured his life into over the past five years. He wouldn’t be resigning because of moral Continue Reading

Five Tips to Create Better Sermons

Most pastors preach on average forty to fifty times a year. Over a twenty-year career, it’s not unheard of for a pastor to preach over one thousand sermons. To put that into perspective the longest running show on television, The Continue Reading

Budgeting Made Simple

According to a 2015 CNBC article most Americans are still struggling to make ends meet financially. I can only imagine the case is worse for families in small towns, and for many pastors who serve in these communities. When it Continue Reading
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