Some Churches Don’t Want Growth

I had a pastor walk into my office this week that was broken. In three hours he would resign from the church he had poured his life into over the past five years. He wouldn’t be resigning because of moral Continue Reading

Five Tips to Create Better Sermons

Most pastors preach on average forty to fifty times a year. Over a twenty-year career, it’s not unheard of for a pastor to preach over one thousand sermons. To put that into perspective the longest running show on television, The Continue Reading

Budgeting Made Simple

According to a 2015 CNBC article most Americans are still struggling to make ends meet financially. I can only imagine the case is worse for families in small towns, and for many pastors who serve in these communities. When it Continue Reading

Communication in Leadership

Good leadership is essential to the success of your church. When frustrations develop in leadership, you can almost always trace it back to a break down in communication. For as good as we may be at speaking on a stage, Continue Reading

The Good Samaritan

Great change always comes at great risk. This was something that Martin Luther King Jr. knew all too well. On the night before Dr. King was murdered, he preached a sermon called “I See the Promised Land.” In his speech, Continue Reading

Financial Lessons that Lead to God’s Blessings

Last month Mark Zuckerberg announced he would give away 99% of his wealth, which was around 4.5 billion dollars give or take a few million. Shortly after that this post started popping up on Facebook that said He would give Continue Reading
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