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Birds and Babel

The mockingbird is an interesting character. I came to this conclusion one early morning while I was sitting outside reading my Bible serenaded by the sounds of nature. At least I thought it was the sounds of nature. It turned out to be the sounds of one lone mockingbird who had perched himself upon my Continue Reading

Pray Before You Go

Every Monday I post one of The Basics. The Basics are simple steps every church can take to grow. They are the same steps that led my church from 87 people in attendance to over 700. These steps have helped my church see hundreds of people saved and baptized in just a few short years. Most of Continue Reading

The God of Yes

This past January I set a goal of reading twenty-five books this year. Today I begin number 25, four months earlier than anticipated. Now twenty-five books doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, especially since my wife has read three times that many this year, but for a guy who only got through fourteen last Continue Reading