Identifying Leaders to Help Turnaround Your Church

A few days ago, I read a Facebook post from a rural pastor who braggadociously reported he had worked 90-hour weeks for more than twenty years of pastoral ministry. His reason for this pace was simple, "There are just no Continue Reading

3 Facts About Small Town Churches

If there’s one thing that frustrates me the most about small town pastors, it’s the assumptions they make about the churches they serve. They assume their church won’t change, so they never challenge them. They assume their church won’t grow, Continue Reading

What to Do When Your Hands are Tied?

Recently, I wrote a post about the need to fire staff and volunteers who may be hurting your church. This seems to be a big issue in many small town churches, but as one pastor reminded me, it’s often out Continue Reading

4 Reasons Your Goals Never Get Accomplished

Just over a year ago, my wife and I set out on a journey to build a house. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. To make a long story short, my parents had given me a Continue Reading

The Art of Leading Change in the Rural Church

As a rural church pastor, it is top priority to develop a system to chart the church’s course to a dynamic, kingdom-advancing future. The direction from the Holy Spirit for the future is powerful, but you need a tool you Continue Reading

More Churches Should Be Like Danny Tanner

Did you ever watch Full House growing up? Not the recent reboot, but the original with Danny Tanner, the father of three young girls who was trying to raise them with the help of his family and friends. A lot Continue Reading