5 Steps Every Church Needs for a Healthy Pastor Change

Pastors are getting older. In 1992 the median age of a pastor was 44 years old. In 2017, that number had climbed to 54 years old. There are actually now more full time pastors who are over the age of Continue Reading

Seven Things I Lost Because of Church Growth

When I first walked into my church over 12 years ago, there were 87 people in attendance. Today, across two campuses, there are over 700 people on a typical weekend. I’ve seen so many incredible things happen in my church Continue Reading

4 Options When Dealing with a Difficult Volunteer

If you’re leading a church in a small town, you’re mostly leading it through volunteers. Sure, you may have a few staff members that get paid, but the majority of ministry is done by people in your congregation who give Continue Reading

The #1 Reason You’re Not as Successful as You Should Be

I noticed something recently in myself that was keeping me from realizing my potential. And it wasn’t just in me. It was in almost everyone around me. In fact, the people who it wasn’t in, well let’s just say they Continue Reading

5 Ways We’re Prioritizing Small Groups this Year

Over the past five years, the church I serve has gotten consistently worse at small groups. We have a hard time finding leaders, and when we do have leaders, they have a hard time getting people to show up to Continue Reading

Six Ways You Can Support Your Senior Pastor

Many senior pastors are blessed with a great support staff and volunteers around them, but there are others who aren’t so fortunate. Some pastors have to try to lead a team they didn’t pick, a board they didn’t elect, and Continue Reading