Six Reasons Student Ministry is Harder Now

Than It Was 10 Years Ago

Take a look around the churches in America and it’s easy to see that student ministries are struggling. Many have seen attendance steadily decrease over the past several years to the point that some churches no longer offer services specifically for students.


This trend both saddens and frustrates me. Like many of you reading this, student ministry played a huge role in my growth not only as a young Christian, but also as a leader and pastor.

Yet, something has shifted. Student ministry isn’t the same as it was just a few years ago. I’m sure there are many different reasons for this. Here are the six that come to my mind.

  1. It’s no longer the cool kid.

Student ministry used to be the place you could do all the things that you couldn’t do on Sunday mornings. It was the place for loud music, black lights, and fog machines. Over the last several years, many churches have introduced similar elements into their weekend adult services in order to reach a young audience.

  1. Students are more connected now than ever before.

Remember when you could only see your friends at school, church, and the occasional birthday party? If you wanted to talk to them, you had to call them on the phone. Those days are long gone. Through Facetime, Snapchat, and a plethora of other social media platforms students have found community online.

  1. Parents aren’t making it a priority.

As parents are attending church on a less frequent basis, we see their teenagers doing the same. Many parents run themselves ragged throughout the week to the extent that a night at home is more important than sending their kids to church.

  1. Youth sports.

Days and nights that used to be off limits for youth sports leagues are quickly disappearing. It’s not uncommon anymore for kids to have practices and games on Wednesdays and even Sundays.

  1. Shrinking budgets.

As church budgets shrink, one of the first places churches look to cut is the youth budget. While this may make sense short term, it can have devastating effects long term as we see fewer and fewer teenagers making their way back to church as adults.

  1. No mid-week service for adults.

In many churches we grew up in, Wednesday night wasn’t just designated for students. Adults still had their own services, Bible studies, or prayer meetings. As Wednesday night has changed to primarily student services, we’re asking parents to drop off their kids and pick them up an hour later, and many aren’t willing to do this.

Student ministry is changing, but that doesn’t mean we give up on it altogether. It just means we have to change with it. I don’t have all the answers, but hopefully we can get the discussion started.

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Mid Year’s Resolutions

Today is July 1st, the halfway point of the year. At least it was when I wrote this. You may be reading this at any point throughout the year and the concept still applies, there’s never a bad time to make a good resolution.


New Year’s resolutions are all the rage on January 1st but are mostly forgotten about by March. What started out as a good idea quickly became more of a chore until it eventually fizzled out altogether.

Oh well, better luck next year, right?


Why should we wait months to begin new resolutions when our life needs them right now?

I’ll let you in on a little secret, you can begin a new resolution on any day of the year. There’s nothing special about January 1st. Oh, sure you get the day off work. If you’re superstitious and from the south, you eat black eyed peas and hog’s jaw for good luck, but overall it’s really not any different from any other day.

Last year I made a resolution to start waking up everyday at 5:00am to work on this blog. It was a Wednesday, July 1st. The blog is still going strong, but the waking up at 5:00am not so much.

Some resolutions stick, some don’t.

My new year’s resolutions this year were to read through the entire Bible, drink more water than Cokes, and get my girls to sleep in their own bed.

I’m still reading my Bible, I drink more sweet tea than anything, and my girls are finally sleeping in their bed as of last week. Not too bad in my opinion.

What did I do to celebrate? I set a new resolution to read the Bible to my girls and pray with them each night. I’m only two nights in, but it’s become the highlight of my day.

The first night we prayed I had to interrupt my three year old during her prayer because she had drifted off into a story about a vampire. It was a special moment, one I may have missed if I had waited until the New Year to begin.

If you’ve wanted to set a goal, make a resolution, or change something in your life, quit waiting for a special day, and just do it. Life is too short to wait for the New Year.

What resolution do you need to set for your life? What have you been waiting for? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below